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Anything becomes interesting if we can understand it quickly and even more fun if we can laugh about it. Technology is an odd discipline in that sense — it has the potential to impact our lives as individuals and as a society significantly. Yet we know so little about it or expect so much from — both equally dangerous.

We hope to make technology a topic of drawing-room conversation where everyone can have their viewpoint — diverse yet founded in facts. Given the importance of technology, the dialogue around it should be multi-disciplinary. In our podcast, we talk about Economics, Finance, History, Culture, Trivia, and associated anecdotes. And we cover technology as we go along.

Every Friday, we will provide you with OUR very opinionated yet entertaining take on topics in technology, finance, and economics (sometimes all of them together). Of course, we would love to hear your point of view on the issues we discuss; perhaps you would be open to chatting with us in future episodes.

We are available on all major platforms. So do leave your comments and suggestions. Hear the podcast, rate, review, and share with your network — we would love that. We’re sure so will your colleagues and friends.

Episodes so far
Ep 1 — Data Privacy & Surveillance Capitalism
Ep 2 — Jai Meta Di
Ep 3 — Unbloxing the Blockchain
Ep 4 — Cryptocurrency — Is Nirmala Watching?
Ep 5 — Cryptos — can we trust ourselves to self-regulate?

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Ex-Microsoft. Ex-@McKinsey. Ex-IBM. X-Factor :-). Movie Buff. Love Comics. TEDx Speaker. Dogfather. Startup Advisor. Rockmetric. Uniris, Rubix Data Science

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Samiran Ghosh

Samiran Ghosh

Ex-Microsoft. Ex-@McKinsey. Ex-IBM. X-Factor :-). Movie Buff. Love Comics. TEDx Speaker. Dogfather. Startup Advisor. Rockmetric. Uniris, Rubix Data Science

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